Some woman rock climbing

It happens all the time. We are bombarded with advice – fashionable, trendy advice. “Fat is the devil!” (1990s) “Buy as much house as you can afford!” (Early 2000s) Everybody around us has been seeing the results. Our parents and the media give a stamp of approval. It all makes so […]

Today, I did a bit of reflecting. This is an overdue post, because even if I’m the only one that ever looks at it, there will at least be a testament on record of my motivations. Facing this in writing forces me to either adjust my goals or remain accountable […]

The Anatomy of a Loan
March 20, 2016

Loans: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly They say that liquidity is the grease that lubricates our economy. People, businesses, and governments need access to cash for operations and financing. Sometimes we come up short, and need to borrow. We might be low on money, or it might be […]

It’s an owner’s world, and you can take your career in one of two directions. The first is to join the class who reaps the good or bad of their contributions to society. The second is to serve one of these owners. There are common conceptions about both paths. Business […]

In the dance that is the modern job search, you will likely hear from recruiters selling the next great move for your career. Many will promise while few will deliver, which often frustrates job seekers. However, the best recruiters have the potential to fast track your climb, not only with one opportunity, but […]

In 2010, I crashed my first career event at Princeton University. I certainly was not an Ivy Leaguer, neither by pedigree, nor by intellectual grunt. It was a fortunate, but largely accidental mistake that had a large impact on my mindset going forward. That was during my sophomore year – all that […]

Ways Great Traders Think
January 23, 2016

In college, I became fascinated with the financial markets. There is a certain amount of lore that surrounds trading – some rooted in legitimacy, and some outdated or utterly false. Movies like Trading Places show the raucous trading pits that once existed at the financial exchanges, and books like Liar’s […]

The Consumer and the Producer
January 10, 2016

Every day, we answer questions about ourselves with actions. While a single choice does not define us, our habits and mental models paint a picture over time about the type of person we are. Whether you are a pure existentialist, or a believer of the notion that people’s lives are […]

    “There’s no way out”, said my friend on the phone. I was willing to excuse the dramatic fatalism because of the admission that followed. Jeff was the smartest of all my friends in high school, in both a bookish and a cultural sense. He scored above 1500 on […]